Our mission is to bring together UAE and Austrian business people and companies, further on to foster sound business relations, to strengthen networking and communication as well as to increase awareness of business opportunities between both countries.


We bring together business people and companies from UAE and Austria in order to:

  • Foster sound business relations,
  • Strengthen networking and communication,
  • and also increase awareness of business opportunities.

Our members benefit from:

  • Exclusive Member Events
  • Free or discounted entry to our various events throughout the year,
  • Growing their personal and professional network in the UAE,
  • Exchanging business information and gaining market intelligence,
  • Interacting closely with the Austrian Commercial Counsellor, other Officials at the Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Trade Delegation in the region
  • Presenting their company or personal profile on the ABC website.


Country Austria is an important member of the European Union and is located in southern Central Europe in the very heart of Europe. Austria has common borders with eight other countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As one of the most prosperous EU member states Austria is politically as well as economically connected with the United Arab Emirates since its creation in the 1970ies. Austrian engineers and companies have contributed greatly to the large infrastructure developments in the UAE. As a result of this commitment more than 180 companies from Austria are operating in the UAE. This group forms the basis of the Austrian Business Council UAE and was established under the patronage of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in June 2008.