Results – Election of Executive Board

It is our great pleasure to announce the results of the election of the new Austrian Business Council (ABC) Executive Committee Board that was held on Thursday, 3rd June 2015 during the ABC Annual General Meeting at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai.
The main purpose of the evening was to review the progress and activities of the past two years (June 2013 to May 2015) and to elect the Executive Board for the coming 2 years. The meeting was only open to members of the Austrian Business Council.
The new ABC Board consists of the following persons. The chairman and vice chairman have been elected by the members of the board in the first board meeting on June 14, 2015.
Secretary General:
“¢ Mag. Richard Bandera (Austrian Embassy Commercial Section)
“¢ MMag. Werner Baumgartner / White Oryx LLC
Vice Chairman:
“¢ Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Eidelpes / Al Maher Consulting FZE
Board Members:
“¢ Mag. Thomas Edelmann / Road Safety & Club Austria
“¢ Dr. Clemens Daburon / Baitulhikma Law Firm
“¢ Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Spiegl / Etaone Orient FZO
“¢ Mr. Carsten Weisner / Fracht AG
“¢ Mag. Oliver Zuegel / Franck & Prime
“¢ Ing. Patrick Fallmann, MBA / Umdasch Shopfitting L.C.C.
We wholeheartedly welcome the new ABC Board and look forward to a prosperous and fruitful two years of cooperation.