Österreichische Botschaft Abu Dhabi Stellenausschreibung

Die Österreichische Botschaft in Abu Dhabi möchte neuerlich auf die folgende Postenausschreibung hinweisen:

Assistentin – Sekretariat des Botschafters (Vollzeit 40 Stunden pro Woche)


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ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANCY: Stellenanzeige Rechtsanwalt (w/m/d) als Berufseinsteiger oder mit erster Berufserfahrung




Rechtsanwalt (w/m/d) als Berufseinsteiger oder mit erster Berufserfahrung


Als etablierte deutsche Kanzlei mit Sitz in Dubai und Schwerpunkt Wirtschaftsrecht sucht unser ABC Mitglied ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANCY zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt Verstärkung in den Bereichen


Arbeitsrecht und Gesellschaftsrecht

der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate

Wir bieten Ihnen:

− Eigenverantwortliche Mandatsbetreuung von Anfang an

− Angenehmes Arbeiten in einem motivierten Team

− Flache Hierarchien und kurze Entscheidungswege

− Geregelte Arbeitszeiten

− Internationales Geschäftsumfeld

Wir erwarten von Ihnen:

− Erfolgreich abgelegtes erstes und zweites juristisches Staatsexamen

− Verhandlungssicheres Englisch, idealerweise im Ausland erworben

− Freude an Recherche und Kommunikation

− Bereitschaft, den Lebensmittelpunkt für wenigstens drei Jahre nach Dubai zu verlegen

− Kenntnisse im Recht der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate sind nicht erforderlich


Für Fragen zur ausgeschriebenen Stelle steht Ihnen Frau Dr. Anders unter der Rufnummer +971 – 4 – 327 5888 gerne zur Verfügung.

ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANCY freut sich auf Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung mit Angabe der Gehaltsvorstellung und des möglichen Eintrittstermins.

Die Bewerbungsunterlagen richten Sie bitte in deutscher Sprache per eMail an Dr. Ines Anders unter anders@anders.ae.

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SOS Children’s Villages exhibits first local initiative in the UAE


Dubai, February, 2022: The Austrian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is set to host the pilot project of the SOS Children’s Villages International, Gulf Area Office, “Circular Entrepreneurship Hub”, on February 16, 2022 from 12 noon to 5 pm. Founded in Austria in 1949, SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest non-governmental organization focused on supporting children and young people without parental care or at risk of losing it. With the ultimate goal of youth employability the Circular Entrepreneurship Hub will raise awareness of environmental sustainability and drive circular economy and social entrepreneurship amongst youth using small scale recycling machines developed by Plastic Preneurs, an Austrian registered company with a focus on social entrepreneurship.

The Commissioner General of the Austrian pavilion, Beatrix Karl, says: “This exhibition which will be hosted in the iLab inside our pavilion represents the essence of Austria’s vision at Expo 2020 Dubai. We are working towards creating a better sustainable future in which humanity deploys technology in a way that improves the quality of life for everyone. We look at Expo as the ideal opportunity to present these ideas to an audience of millions and hopefully inspire them to adopt solutions that will have an effective role in bringing positive changes”.

Through the establishment of a ‘Hub’ youth will learn about the environment and recycling plastic waste, gain hands on experience in working with the recycling machines and small-scale manufacturing, and be provided the opportunity to innovate, design and market products that would be useful for individuals or the community. The proposed three-months participatory experience will culminate with participants receiving a certificate of completion, which they can then show to potential employers or use the experience to launch their own small companies. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view a demonstration of how plastic waste can be converted to everyday items and learn more about the project, including opportunities for participation.

The director of SOS Children’s villages in the Gulf region says: “We have hopes that the ‘Hub’ concept will be made available to youth through universities, schools and local NGOS in the UAE. In order to create even more impact, the pilot project will then be scaled up as a “best practice” from the UAE to other markets. The project is a collaborative effort between SOS Children’s Villages International, Gulf Area Office, Plastic Preneurs, Green Energy Sustainable Solutions and Dulsco.”

With its unique architectural concept and ecological materials, the Austrian pavilion, located in the Opportunity district, has won till this date three internationally recognized prizes in the sustainablity category. The pavilion operates under the motto “Austria Makes Sense” and it welcomes its visitors to an array of unforgetable experiences that are designed to ignite their senses and help in bringing what Austria is famous for to the UAE.

Austria at the World Exhibition www.expoaustria.at

The Austrian Pavilion at the Expo 2020 in Dubai ‒ which retained its name despite being postponed to 2021 ‒ makes creative use of digitalisation to present Austrian innovations as part of the exhibition curated by Ars Electronica Solutions and büro wien. The team of architects from the firm querkraft has realised a pavilion that combines traditional Arab wind catchers with contemporary climate technology to send an appealing message against the waste of energy that is so harmful to the climate. Funding for the Austrian contribution is provided by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, and the Austrian Federal Economic Chambers.

Photo download: https://www.wko.at/site/expoaustria/de/presse.html

Further information on the companies and research institutes in the iLab: https://www.wko.at/site/expoaustria/de/ilab.html

Media queries:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with:

Ali Badran | Senior Account Executive | Neo Social & PR

M: +971 58 520 1543 |  expoaustria@neosocialandpr.com  |  www.neosocialandpr.com

DABURON & PARTNERS: UAE Law Amendments Recap 2020-2021


In an effort to align its laws with international standards, boost its economy and commercial opportunities, and enhance social stability, the UAE and its constituent emirates have introduced major legal reforms in 2020 and 2021.

Daburon & Partners Legal Consultants LLP has compiled a briefly commented list of the most relevant amendments to existing legislation and newly enacted laws.

Please click the LINK to download the list of new laws.


If you require additional information on any of the new laws and regulations or require legal advice on how they might affect you privately or in your business, please contact us at 

Daburon & Partners Legal Consultants LLP

Email: info@daburon-partners.com

Tel.: +971 2 6948655

Web: www.daburon-partners.com

Address: Office 2404, 24th Floor Al Sila Tower – Abu Dhabi Global Market Square – Abu Dhabi, UAE

CROWE UAE: New Protocol to UAE-Austria Tax Treaty

On 01 July 2021, Austria and the UAE signed a new protocol which amends several provisions of the double taxation agreement between the countries. In this update, CROWE provides a snapshot of the changes and its possible impact to legal persons and individuals.

Please download CROWE’s new protocol to UAE-Austria tax treaty HERE.

This week Ms. Deepika Chandak from Crowe UAE, evaluates the impact of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) on individuals in the UAE in an evolving Global Mobility context. To read more, click HERE.



ANDERS Legal Consultancy: Informationsblatt zum Thema Sozialversicherung für ausländische Arbeitnehmer in den VAE




Sozialversicherung für ausländische Arbeitnehmer in den VAE

Das Vorhandensein eines Sozialversicherungssystems ist für Unternehmen aus Europa eine Selbstverständlichkeit. Bei der Anstellung von ausländischen Mitarbeitern in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten (“VAE”) stellt sich daher regelmäßig die Frage, wie Kranken-, Unfall-, Arbeitslosen-, Renten- und Pflegeversicherung vor Ort ausgestaltet sind und welche Beiträge abgeführt werden müssen. Im aktuellen Informationsblatt betrachtet ANDERS LEGAL CONSULTANTCY die typischen Sozialversicherungszweige vor dem Hintergrund des Rechts der VAE.

Das Informationsblatt ist sowohl in deutscher als auch in englischer Sprache erhältlich:

Sozialversicherung für ausländische Arbeitnehmer in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten

Social Security for Foreign Employees in the United Arab Emirates