Dr. Talab, an Austrian-Syrian based in Vienna is not only a bestselling author but also a Master Negotiator for over 20 years. His cross-cultural understanding allows him to analyze all parts of a situation, build bridges even in the most difficult of negotiations and help uncover additional options.

Amins Come-on Institute organizes a payable event series titled “Speed negotiation – elevator pitch”. As a “warm-up” they organize some free of charge online pre-events.

Amin extended a special invitation to the Austrian Business Council to join his pre-event on March 15th at 5PM Dubai time free of charge.


5.00-5.15 PM: Interview with Mr. Mikko Mannila on different ways of presenting ideas, products and services.
5.15 PM: Mr. Werner Baumgartner, chairman of the ABC, will exchange ideas with Amin Talab to start a discussion on intercultural aspects of negotiation, in particular differences between European/U.S. American/Arabic negotiation partners.
Afterwards the members of the ABC will have the opportunity for exchanges, networking and discussion with Amin Talab, Werner Baumgartner, and other speakers.


“How to” Guide
For the event tonight, please make sure of the following:

  • Login 10 minutes early: the event uses a professional conference online platform; it might require a few moments to get orientated
  • Mobile phone: if you intend to participate on your mobile device, please download the Airmeet app before the start of the event. You won’t be able to enter the event without the app. You can download the app using these links:
  1. https://apps.apple.com/in/app/airmeet/id1531781129
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.airmeet.airmeet
  • Strong Internet connection required
  • Upon entering the “reception area” look for a video called “walkthrough”. This video explains the main features of the Airmeet platform.

If you want to attend the event last minute, please note that you need to create an account (no charges) with Airmeet to be able to login. You can do so up to 30 minutes before the start of the event by using the registration link: http://speednegotiating.comeon.institute

Learn more
To learn more about the event series “Speed Negotiation – Elevator pitch” visit https://comeon.at/speed-negotiating-elevator-pitch-price-and-fee-negotiations/

As a special gift Amin offered us a free report about international negotiations that can be downloaded on https://www.report.comeon.institute/internationalnegotiations/