Join the world's largest agricultural innovation event

Join the world’s largest agricultural innovation event – be at GFIA 2014 and be ready for the future.
Hosted by the City of Abu Dhabi from 3-5 February 2014, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculturewill host the world’s largest collection of game-changing agricultural innovations.From Government Ministries and UN entities to NGO’s, scientists and entrepreneurs, the world’s leading thinkers are signing up to ensure the world grows food in a sustainable way forever.
PROGIS the Austrian based GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software developer and leading supplier of ICT-technologies for rural area will be one of the leading thinkers on the ground who kindly invites representatives from your organisation/institute to come to Abu Dhabi to learn about the country-covering AGRO-business-models which were developed by PROGIS together with a range of other companies and consultants during the last years. It is a holistic approach considering the needs of farmers, foresters, the affiliated industries and those of public authorities. Starting with the identification of fields it covers farm- and forest management solutions for small and large scale enterprises as well as for advisors and ends up in precision farming methods including consulting services provided by well-known international experts. The growth of rural areas and the careful, sustainable handling of the environment and natural resources takes first priority. PROGIS IT-solutions connected with complementary technologies and know-know allow to implement even country-wide AGRO-ICT-Backbone solutions – come and see!
There are four options to listen, discuss and talk about the INTEGRATED AGRO-ICT SOLUTION of PROGIS during the conference.
1. Monday, Feb. 3rd – Round table discussion – ICT solutions for complete countries (Click at the link for more information)
2. Tuesday Feb. 4th – Innovation Theatre B at 15:00 B26 “AGRO-ICT solutions for complete countries”
3. Tuesday Feb 4th – Let’s meet in the Exhibition area at our booth for a personal meeting
4. The 4th option to listen to Mr. Mayer is the round-table onPrecision agriculture
Why to attend?
The PROGIS business models and the technologies are ground-breaking- they consider the required huge change in organizational matters and the adoption of ICT in rural areas. Come to meet also the other minds behind the driving force for an agriculture revolution.
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