Invitation: Virtual Get-Together for ABC Members

Dear Members,

In phone calls over the past week with some of you, we proposed to set up a frequent “virtual get-together” for ABC members:  A small group of members getting together on a video conferencing platform with the sole purpose of exchanging experiences, information, solutions and concerns regarding the current situation – basically an “After Work” chat but without a complimentary drink “¦ 🙂

The feedback from most of you on this idea was very positive – so let´s give it a try!  We have been setting up these virtual get-togethers on a daily basis starting Sunday, April 05 and – for a start – will continue until Thursday, April 09.

In order to make them meaningful and fruitful, the number of participants will be limited to 8 persons per session (including the host). Please join by following the link to reserve your slot:

Every confirmed participant will receive a link by email to enter the video conference session.

We are flexible in our approach: even if a slot is already fully booked, you can enroll in a waiting list – if there are enough people on the waiting list we might add another virtual get-together on that day. Likewise, if there is no interest or not enough interest for a slot, we will cancel that session. In the meantime we will continue to inform you about interesting webinars in our newsletters.

We look forward to meeting you in one of the virtual get-together sessions!

Stay safe!