The year 2021 is coming to and end and this means busy times ahead for us – to close the books of account and complete the audits in timely manner. In this, one of the focus areas is the application of the provisions of and complying with the requirements of IFRS.

Post pandemic, it becomes more challenging to assess the impact of the change that we have gone through, in the near future. The various stakeholders are interested, more than ever, in knowing the future viability of an entity and hence the “going concern assessment assumes highest significance for us while finalising the accounts and the audit thereof.

The purpose of this webinar is to explain the IFRS Disclosure requirements with focus on the going concern aspect which shall be followed by some case studies to facilitate better understanding of the subject matter.

Date: Monday, 29th November 2021
Time: 12:00 to 1:00pm (Gulf Standard Time)
Platform: GoTo Webinar